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Boomerang in different languages ​​- JF Bumerang

Boomerangs are often associated exclusively with Australia. On the one hand, the history of the boomerang is not only limited to Australia (see our blog article on the history of the boomerang ) and on the other hand, boomerang outdoor sports are now widespread almost all over the world.

There are now national boomerang organizations in many countries, such as the German Boomerang Club in Germany ( https://www.bumerangclub.de ). 15 of these national boomerang organizations have joined forces in the IFBA. The "International Federation of Boomerang Associations" aims to get as many outdoor enthusiasts as possible interested in this great sport.

Another indication of the worldwide spread of the boomerang as an outdoor sports device is the large number of languages ​​in which boomerangs or their translations are used. We have created an overview of various languages ​​here.




Arabic الكيد المرتد
Armenian Բումերանգ
Azerbaijani boomeranq
Basque boomerang
Bengali অস্ট্রেলিয়ার আদিবাসীদের অস্ত্রবিশেষ
Burmese ထိကပြန်
Bosnian boomerang
Bulgarian boomerang
Cebuano boomerang
Chichewa boomerang
Traditionally Chinese) 自食其果
Chinese (simplified) 自食其果
Danish boomerang
English boomerang
Esperanto boomerango
Estonian boomerang
Filipino boomerang
Finnish boomerangi
French boomerang
Galician boomerangue
Georgian boomerang
Greek μπούμερανγκ
Gujarati બૂમરેંગ
Haitian boomrang
Hausa boomerang
Hebrew בּוּמֵרַנְג
Hindi बुमेरांग
hmong boomerang
igbo boomerang
Indonesian boomerang
Irish boomerang
Icelandic boomerang
Italian boomerang
Japanese ブーメラン
Javanese boomerang
Yiddish בומעראַנג
Canada ಬೂಮರಾಂಗ್
Kazakh boomerang
Catalan boomerang
Khmer boomerang
Korean 부메랑
Croatian boomerang
lao boomerang
Latin boomerang
Latvian boomerangs
Lithuanian boomerang
Malagasy boomerang
Malayalam പറഞ്ഞപ്പോള് നീ
Malaysian boomerang
Maltese boomerang
Maori boomerang
Marathi दुस-यावर केलेली कारवाई आपल्यावरच उलटणे
Macedonian boomerang
Mongolian EGц
Nepalese बुमर्याङ
Dutch boomerang
Norwegian boomerang
Persian بومرنگ
Polish boomerang
Portuguese boomerangue
Romanian boomerang
Russian boomerang
Swedish boomerang
Serbian boomerang
Sesotho boomerang
Sinhala බූමරංග
Slovak boomerang
Slovenian boomerang
Somali boomerang
Spanish boomerang
Swahili boomerang
Tajik boomerang
tamil பூமாராங்கை
Telugu బూమేరాంగ్
Thai บูมเมอแรง
Czech boomerang
Turkish boomerang
Ukrainian boomerang
Hungarian boomerang
Urdu بازگشت
Uzbek boomerang
Vietnamese điều dại dột mình làm
Welsh bwmerang
Belarusian boomerang
Yoruba boomerang
Zulu boomerang

Source: indifferentlanguages, emojiterra

Image: Colourbox.de

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