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Boomerang world records: Boomerang with the largest wingspan!

Boomerang throwing has come a long way since its inception. Thousands of years ago, the boomerang was used as a throwing device by the Australian Aborigines. For example, to hunt for birds in a flock of birds. Such evidence was not only found in Australia, evidence of boomerangs was also found on other continents such as America or Africa.

Nowadays, the boomerang essentially serves as an outdoor sports device. It is run by all people who like to exercise outdoors in the fresh air. Boomerangs for children are also becoming increasingly popular and children of all ages participate in boomerang sports alongside men and women. In addition to those continents where boomerangs were originally found, the sport is now also very popular in Europe, Asia and South America.

Of course there are also official boomerang world championships and always world record attempts in boomerang throwing. There are a wide variety of disciplines.

We are particularly impressed by the current world record for the longest returning boomerang in the world. This boomerang has a tip-to-tip span of 2.74 meters and surpasses the previous boomerang world record of 2.59 meters! The record holders are the British Boomerang Society and The One Show who set the record on 28 April 2014 at the Kia Oval Cricket Ground, London, United Kingdom. The cricket stadium in London was used for the world record attempt. The built boomerang has a weight of 1.3 kg and was made of carbon. Guinness World Record rules state that the boomerang must fly at least 20 meters away and then return to within at least 10 meters of the thrower. Thank God you don't have to catch the boomerang... If you're interested, you can find more details on the Guinness World Records website or on YouTube.

Really impressive. In our online shop, the boomerangs are not that big :-). Especially for beginners of this outdoor sport, you should start slowly to get used to throwing. The boomerang we recommend for beginners, the "Munich" model, which is also ideal for children from the age of 8, is three-winged and has a comparatively tiny wingspan of 26cm. If you are looking for a piece of sports equipment and are a beginner, this boomerang or the "London" model with a wingspan of 26 cm is ideal. We would also recommend these two models if you are looking for cool outdoor gifts for men or if you are looking for a special gift idea for anyone.

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