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Choosing the best boomerang as a gift

Being outdoors is a great way for many people to relax and exercise at the same time. Boomerangs are fun and exciting outdoor sports equipment for children and adults. As a rule, it inspires all those who enjoy being active in the fresh nature and, for example, providing a short fun break on a hike, a walk or a bike tour.
If you are looking for a special outdoor gift for a friend, partner, child or teenager, a boomerang is a great choice.
A boomerang is fairly easy to throw and can be played anytime, anywhere. It's a great pastime for long summer days and can also be used in inclement weather. Boomerangs come in different sizes, colors and shapes, so there is something for everyone. If you're looking to buy a boomerang as a gift, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you choose the perfect gift. Here are some tips to help you:

age of recipient

Boomerangs are generally suitable for people of almost all ages. For example, we recommend our boomerang model " Munich " as an outdoor gift for children aged 8 and over. Of course, older children and adults also have a lot of fun with the boomerang. Our other boomerangs are very suitable for ages 10 and up (models " London " and " New York ") or 12 years (model " Sydney "). If the recipient is older than 12 years, you have a free choice.

Use of the boomerang

If the recipient wants to play boomerang for fun and leisure, it is best to buy a classic returning boomerang. We also focus on those in our shop. However, if he wants to compete with it or perform some stunts, you should go for a specialized boomerang. An example of this is a Maximum Time Aloft Boomerang, which is designed not to come back in a classic way, but to remain in the air for a maximum time.

Boomerang skill of the recipient

Of course, when choosing your special gift idea for men, women or children, you should also orientate yourself on the skills of the recipient. Boomerangs come in different levels of difficulty, so you can choose easier boomerangs for kids aged 8+ and beginners, and more difficult ones for more experienced players. Since it is our goal to get as many people as possible excited about this great outdoor sport, we focus our range on boomerangs that even beginners can throw without any problems. Our boomerang models " Munich " and " New York " as well as " London " are suitable for beginners. The " Sydney " model is perfect for boomerang throwers with a little experience.

boomerang shape

There are different boomerang shapes. The " Munich " boomerang is the ideal three-winged boomerang for children. The design in particular appeals to children of all ages.
If you are looking for special gifts for young men or actually men of all ages, experience has shown that you are correct with a double wing (models " London " and " Sydney "). And if you are looking for something very special, then definitely take a look at our " New York " model.

Left and right handed

Boomerangs are always made as either right-handed or left-handed boomerangs. While the shape is basically the same, the cut is mirror-inverted. When choosing an outdoor gift, please make sure that the recipient is right-handed or left-handed.

Boomerang material

Boomerangs are made from different materials, such as wood, plastic or foam. Consider which material is best depending on how sustainable or long-lasting you want the gift to be. For example, wooden boomerangs are durable and sturdy, but slightly heavier than plastic or foam boomerangs. As a rule, boomerangs made of wood do not warp like a plastic boomerang. In addition, they can of course be produced sustainably, while plastic boomerangs are usually produced in China.


Boomerangs are without a doubt a fun and exciting outdoor gift for children aged 8+. They are also special gift ideas for men and women and a great gift for a friend. We hope we were able to help you a little in choosing the right gift. So you will surely choose the perfect gift for young men and women or children. However, if you are still not sure, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to help.
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