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The boomerang shapes from the former world champion

The forms of the former world champion

When opening a boomerang shop, you have to think about a lot, take care of a wide variety of things, especially if you're a small one

family manufacture for the first time.

Of course, it helps a lot when you get experienced support.

Almost all of our molds come from Heinz-Willi Dammers. He helped us with the boomerang construction plans and lots of good tips.

Heinz-Willi is now the President of the German Boomerang Club and even a former Boomerang World Champion.

In addition to many very good placements, he became German champion three times and was able to win a world champion title and a vice world champion title at the 1996 World Championships in New Zealand. With over 100 tournaments and over 1000 home-made boomerangs, he has a great deal of know-how for boomerang design.

We would like to thank Heinz-Willi for the great support!

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