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3 challenging drills for advanced boomerang throwers

You can already make the boomerang come back, but you want more? Then here are the perfect suggestions on how to prove your skills and continue to improve in outdoor sports!

Of course, having fun comes first, because that's the only way you'll keep at it.

(Here's our detailed throwing instructions.)

1. Throw around an obstacle

A simple way to make your throw more challenging is to throw around an obstacle (like a tree). And if you can do it, then it's not only a success for you, but also particularly impressive for outsiders!

In the beginning you can find a small obstacle like a rock on the ground and then work your way up; from a single sapling to a group of trees. It is a lot of fun to keep looking for new obstacles and thus to have a new challenge every time. Here's an example of me throwing around a summit cross!

In order to get better and better in this discipline, you have to learn to correctly assess the boomerang, the wind and your throw and then adjust your throwing position. Because otherwise he turns the curve before the obstacle or even flies into the obstacle. For example, if the wind direction changes, you have to throw in a different direction and position yourself differently accordingly. You can also compare the flight distances of your boomerangs and learn to assess them.

Of course, it is always important to make sure that there is a large area around your obstacle and that no people can be hit. In addition, the obstacle should not be very hard, otherwise the boomerang could be damaged.

Conclusion: A great exercise, the difficulty of which can be increased.

2. Incorporate tricks

Probably the most fun exercise are tricks. The aim of this is to increase the difficulty when throwing, while flying, or when catching through small challenges. This is not only fun once, but also enables countless creative further developments.

This exercise offers limitless possibilities, limited only by your creativity. Here are five tricks you can incorporate:

With rotation:

While the boomerang is in the air, rotate around your own axis several times. This trick is very easy in itself, but how many turns can you do? Warning: Danger of dizziness ;)

Catch under leg:

Raise one leg and catch the boomerang under the leg.

Catch between the legs:

Catch the boomerang between your legs, either with both feet on the ground or even while jumping.

Catch behind the back:

Catch the boomerang behind your back. This is especially funny because it's not that easy to do the clapping motion behind your back. Attention, if you are not sure that you can catch the boomerang, let it fly through, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

Unlimited possibilities:

If you've already tried all the tricks, then you've probably already gotten many more ideas. If not, just try combining the tricks or combining them with throwing around an obstacle.

Even if some of these tricks sound easy, you still have to be able to throw very accurately because after the trick you don't have time to run to the boomerang. This is how you train your throwing without being noticed!

Of course you have to pay attention to those around you and to yourself and you shouldn't endanger anyone.

Conclusion: Unlimited possibilities through fun tricks!

3. Target shooting at a ball or a can

For this exercise you need the most control over the outdoor sports equipment: It is about hitting a target object. This is the most difficult exercise, because even experienced boomerang throwers often need several tries for this. But if you master this throw of the master class, it is an indescribable feeling and often triggers applause from those around you.

For this feat you need a small elevation (e.g. a small hill or a large backpack you brought with you) on which you place the target object. So the object is slightly elevated and can be hit well with an accurate throw.

Depending on the difficulty, the target item can be the backpack itself, up to a can for absolute professionals. So you can gradually work your way up to smaller boomerangs.

With this exercise you can recognize your throwing precision and then increase it. You will also improve your spatial awareness in combination with reading the wind direction, because you can only hit if you assess these factors correctly.

Here, of course, an object must also be used that does not damage the boomerang and no one may be endangered.

Conclusion: A demanding exercise with a corresponding feeling of triumph.

Conclusion and further challenges

The boomerang throwing (also perfect for kids) has unlimited possibilities even besides the simple throwing. In this way, outdoor sports offer a fun challenge for beginners, but also for experienced throwers who already have a good command of the sports equipment. If you then want to go really high with your new skills, you can prove yourself on our other boomerang models , or even take part in competitions. Of course, enjoying this sport outside is at the top of the list.

You are welcome to send us a video of how you perform one of the tricks or a creation of your own! We look forward to every contact with other boomerang enthusiasts!

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All boomerang exercises mentioned are really only for professionals and are done at your own risk. In particular, it is important to observe the safety instructions supplied. If you can't keep it, then don't do it.

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