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Boomerang - great outdoor games

Boomerangs have been a great toy for all ages for centuries. They are traditional Aboriginal toys in Australia but are now used around the world as outdoor toys and sports equipment.

In this article we take a closer look at boomerangs and why they make great gifts for kids and young men and women - and the young at heart.

What is a boomerang?

A boomerang is a flat, curved throwing device, usually made of wood or plastic. It has a unique shape that rotates in mid-air, allowing movement back towards the launcher. Boomerangs were originally used as hunting tools for catching birds and small animals, but today they are mainly used as toys or sports equipment.

Most people think of a boomerang as an object that keeps coming back after it's thrown. That is of course also correct in principle, but there are also other types of boomerangs. The best known is the Australian boomerang (corresponding to our "Sydney" model), which is making a comeback accordingly. However, there are also models that are designed not to return at all or only partially. An example are boomerangs, which are designed to remain in the air for as long as possible. Boomerangs are also used as sports equipment that are aimed at very precise throwing and landing.

Why is a boomerang a great outdoor gift for kids?

Boomerangs are a great gift idea for kids because of their many benefits. They are great outdoor games that can encourage kids to spend more time outdoors. You all probably know the problem that children often like to sit in front of the computer or play on their cell phones. And sometimes it's not that easy to get rid of them. However, when you have a great alternative, it suddenly becomes fun to play outside and spend time in the fresh air.

Boomerangs also help children move more and improve their hand-eye coordination . Throwing a boomerang requires a certain level of concentration and dexterity, which can help children develop motor skills.

In addition, the boomerang is also an educational toy. Children can learn that they get better with experimentation and patience. And that it helps to pay attention to all the instructions (such as wind direction, angle when dropping).
They can also improve their motor skills.
It's also a great way to introduce children to the culture and history of the Aboriginal people who invented the boomerang.

At what age can you use a boomerang as an outdoor toy?

Of course, it depends on the individual child when they can throw a boomerang. In any case, it is important that adults are always present and follow the safety instructions. So everyone involved has a lot of fun. We recommend the boomerang as an outdoor game for ages 8 and up with the three-winged boomerang ("Munich" model). With the other boomerangs in our offer you have to be at least 10 to 12 years old.

Why are boomerangs a great gift for young men and women?

Boomerangs also make great gifts for teenagers/young men and women. They are an outdoor toy/sports equipment that can help men and women spend more time outdoors. Throwing a boomerang requires some physical effort and can help keep you in shape and improve motor skills. In addition, wooden boomerangs are special gifts for young people because they are rare and unique. Many men already own the usual sports equipment such as footballs, frisbees and tennis rackets. However, boomerangs are a unique and unusual option that is guaranteed to draw attention and spark conversation. It can also help men and women improve throwing skills and technique and even participate in boomerang competitions.

How to throw a boomerang

Throwing a boomerang takes some practice and skill, but once you get the hang of it, it's a fun and rewarding activity. It's a great feeling when you catch your first boomerang. For detailed instructions on how to throw a boomerang, please take a look at our page that we created especially for this purpose: https://www.jfbumerang.de/pages/bumerang-werfen


Boomerangs are great outdoor gifts for children and young and young-at-heart men and women who like outdoor games and like to do sports. They are an educational toy that can help children improve motor skills, celebrate learning and learn about Aboriginal culture and history.
For adults, boomerangs are a special gift idea that offers something unique and unconventional and helps them improve their throwing skills. Whether you use boomerangs as toys or as sports equipment, they are a fun and rewarding activity that will provide hours of entertainment.

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