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Boomerangs: This is how you train with the outdoor sports equipment

Boomerang throwing is an outdoor sport that is not only fun, but also trains the entire body.

And contrary to what many believe, proper boomerangs are really making a comeback. The most important thing is a good boomerang and the right throwing technique. This makes boomerang throwing a sporting activity for the whole family, regardless of age.

The best thing about it: By throwing the boomerang, muscles in the arms, shoulders, back and legs are also trained. Thus, outdoor sport can prevent injuries, improve posture and is a pleasant change from everyday life that reduces stress. You can find out the most important things about the sports equipment in this blog.

What are boomerangs?

A boomerang is made of wood or plastic and comes in many different shapes. The V-shape of the classic boomerang is well known, but there are also boomerangs with three or even four wings, which are even better suited as sports equipment thanks to their more controlled flight. If you throw a boomerang correctly, it flies around and comes back to its thrower: A fascinating outdoor sport!

How do you throw a boomerang?

The boomerang is thrown with a specific technique, causing it to fly in a circular path and eventually return to the thrower. Making a boomerang come back for the first time is an amazing feeling and you can't get enough of it. Here is our throwing tutorial.

Boomerangs as a full body sport

Throwing can promote health by improving coordination, fine motor skills, and concentration. It also helps to reduce stress and train the whole body at the same time:

shoulder and arm muscles

First of all, boomerang throwing works the shoulder and arm muscles, because the arm muscles activate to build strength and throw the boomerang, and the shoulder muscles work at many different angles. This helps strengthen muscles and prevent injury.

core muscles

But the trunk muscles, which are essential for posture, are also trained with the new outdoor sport. Throwing improves body tension and trains the abdomen and back at different angles.

leg muscles

Finally, the leg muscles are also encouraged, because when throwing the boomerang, the legs are used in different positions. However, throwing the boomerang is a particularly good way to go for a short walk or go jogging.

coordination and fine motor skills

The most important thing to make the boomerang come back is the throwing technique and the right release. It is particularly important to throw the boomerang at the right angle. So, while throwing, you don't just have to concentrate on the rough throw, but especially on the correct implementation. This is how you train your coordination and fine motor skills, while the physical activity reduces stress and clears your head.

Where to throw a boomerang and what do you need?

Boomerang throwing is a great outdoor sport that can be practiced in parks, meadows or even on the beach. All that is needed is a large area, a boomerang and some patience and motivation to perfect the technique. You can quickly achieve small successes that you can then build on to catch a boomerang for the first time.
It doesn't matter whether you're young or old, fit or unfit: Anyone can learn to throw with the sports equipment, which makes it a sport for the whole family.
So if you are looking for a new outdoor sport that is fun at the same time, you should try boomerang throwing.

Use the boomerang as a piece of sports equipment and get better

Now you know everything you need to become a boomerang pro, or at least have fun outside for a change every now and then ;). If you want to use your boomerang as a piece of sports equipment or simply want to get better at throwing, you can follow the following plan:

Practice makes perfect - learning how to throw is fun

    1. Watch a guide or video tutorial
    2. Practice outside regularly (e.g. 30 minutes every weekend) or combine throwing with a walk
    3. If desired, analyze the flight to get better. ( Here you will find tips for throwing and when the boomerang does not come back )

Keep improving and learning tricks

        1. If you catch him most of the time, you can try to learn tricks with the boomerang (e.g. catch behind the back or between the legs)
        2. Get a new boomerang model, as these are always thrown a little differently and create new possibilities with a new trajectory.

      Participate in competitions and get to know other throwers

      All over the world there are enthusiastic boomerang throwers and even boomerang clubs. If you want to prove your skills, you can take part in a variety of competitions. The aim of the competitions: have fun!

      Conclusion on boomerangs as outdoor sports equipment:

      Boomerang throwing is one of the new outdoor sports that is gaining popularity. It is a sporting challenge that is both physical and mental. Perfect for people looking for a fun outdoor activity. Anyone can learn to throw, regardless of age or fitness level.

      Now all you need is a good boomerang that really comes back. This is exactly what you will find on the website of our father-son factory :).

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