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How do you throw a boomerang?

You bought a nice new boomerang and are now wondering how it works that it actually comes back?

First of all cool that you try it. It's worth practicing, it's a great feeling when he comes back for the first time. And of course afterwards.

Throwing a boomerang isn't as hard as you might think. If things don't work out for us, it's usually because of the wind, which can change during your time outside.

It is best when there is a little wind and you have a large open space. Also, throwing a boomerang is very different from throwing a frisbee. Instead of throwing it in front of your body like you would with a frisbee, you throw it with a slight tilt above your head with a rotation. On this page we have put together all the tips for throwing a boomerang. Just follow step by step and you are guaranteed to get it right:


And if you prefer to watch the whole thing as a video, then have a look on YouTube, where we have uploaded a Boomerang tutorial: https://youtu.be/FU6hegITOoQ .

Before you let your boomerang fly for the first time, please read the safety instructions carefully. Depending on the model, throwing boomerangs is also great fun for children aged 8 and over. However, please only fly under supervision.

Now we wish you a lot of fun throwing the boomerang and hope you have as much fun with your boomerang as we do.

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