Throwing a boomerang

  • Vier Bumerangs zum Bumerang Werfen

Throw bumerang or throw boomerang? I can't even write it, how can I catch him?

Anyone can throw a boomerang properly . All you need is a decent boomerang , good instructions and a little patience . To support you, we have created instructions for you to learn or improve your boomerang throwing technique. If you prefer to watch a video, you can find a YouTube boomerang tutorial from us below . If you bought a boomerang from us, you don't have to do anything, we will of course send instructions on how to throw the boomerang.

For left-handers, the whole thing is simply done the other way around, but of course we also have special instructions for throwing boomerangs for left-handers , which are included with all left-handed boomerangs purchased from our online shop.

Instructions for throwing a boomerang - boomerang throwing technique

JF Bumerang - Das Bumerang Werfen - Grafik Der Griff

1. Hold the boomerang between your thumb and forefinger

Optimaler Winkel zum Bumerang Werfen

2. Hold it almost vertically between 0° and 20°

Boomerang Wurfrichtung zum Wind

3. Watch out for the wind

Align yourself with the wind so that you throw the boomerang 45° to the right, against the wind. In stronger winds then up to 90°. To test the wind direction, you can simply drop some grass.

Boomerang richtig Werfen Wurfhöhe

4. Throw height

Aim something over the horizon (like a distant tree) and lunge forward as you release to give the boomerang as much speed as possible. Try to twist the boomerang forward over your wrist when you release it.

Bumerang richtig Fangen

5. Catch

Now all you have to do is catch him! To do this, simply make a clapping motion, catching the boomerang between your hands. Always catch the boomerang next to the body and never in front of it! Have fun improving your boomerang throwing technique!

So that it won't be a one-time experience...

JF Bumerang - Bumerang im Baum

Tips: Boomerang does not come back.

The boomerang isn't coming back, and...

  • climbs up instead of turning -> release boomerang more vertically on release
  • lands to your left or right -> check angle to wind direction
  • crashes halfway -> throw a little more powerfully
  • climbs up and lands behind you -> released too horizontally or throw height too low / too much wind


  • Check the wind direction before each throw
  • Don't throw it in the sky
  • Don't throw it horizontally like a frisbee, throw it vertically

The perfect place

Throw on a flat, clear lawn with no obstructions, solid or living

Throw boomerang correctly: The perfect wind

Optimal is a light breeze from one direction, no gusty wind

For safety

  • Always make sure that there are no people or animals in the throwing radius
  • Always throw in a group one after the other, never at the same time
  • Children should only throw under the direct supervision of an adult
  • Always watch the boomerang that is in the air at the moment
  • Always catch the boomerang next to your body and NEVER in front of it, just let it fly by in an emergency, you'll definitely get a second chance!

Wellness for your boomerang

Over time, your boomerang will show signs of wear such as dents or wood splinters on the wing tips. Don't worry, it doesn't affect flying ability.

But if you want to freshen it up again, you can

1. Remove the signs of wear with fine sandpaper

2. Make the boomerang weatherproof again with a varnish/varnish/wood oil.