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Buy a boomerang in the father-son factory in Munich

Bumerang kaufen in der Vater-Sohn Manufaktur - Die Gründer

Hey, we are Jürgen & Felix and the boomerang is our great passion.

We love every single step: the fabulous throwing itself, but also the precise manual work with the wood and of course generally spending time together as father and son.

We want to pass this joy on to as many people as possible and have therefore created our boomerang shop . We hope to be able to infect you with our enthusiasm and encourage you to throw boomerangs in your free time soon.

The father-son factory in Munich is the heart of our small family business. If you were to visit us, you would often find us here. Here we work on a new finish, manufacture boomerangs and think about fundamental innovations for our boomerang shop. Every new boomerang starts right here with the construction of a first prototype.

Konsequent nachhaltig. Alle Holz Bumerang Modelle in der Natur auf einem Balken. Nachhaltige Bumerang von JF Bumerang.

Consistently sustainable

Protecting the environment is extremely important to us. That's why we only make boomerangs out of wood. Our wood comes only from suppliers with FSC and PEFC seals for sustainable wood production .

All boomerangs purchased in our online shop are shipped plastic-free and we only use green electricity in our manufactory.

This also makes a boomerang a great outdoor gift for anyone who cares about sustainability and local production. They are great outdoor gifts for men, women or children from the age of 8 (depending on the boomerang).

Buy a boomerang

  • JF Bumerang - Bumerang kaufen - alle vier Modelle im Überblick
  • We have just the right boomerang for you.

    In our boomerang shop you will find a large selection of boomerangs for beginners and advanced users. Of course we also have the right boomerang for children aged 8 and over. Whether you want to buy it for yourself or as a gift for everyone who likes to be outside, you will find the right model in our boomerang shop.


Beautiful & perfect for beginners.

Named after our home town of Munich, it is often bought for yourself, for children or as an outdoor gift. Buy this boomerang for children aged 8+. Munich is also ideal if you are looking for a boomerang for beginners. The best-selling boomerang in our shop.


An elegant beauty.

Our new favorite - The London boomerang is very suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Perhaps the most elegant boomerang in our online shop.


Buy the boomerang classic here.

This is how the aborigines of Australia must have spent their free time. Sydney is a beautiful wooden boomerang. You need a little experience to throw it.

new York

For those who are looking for something very special.

The highlight in our boomerang shop. New York is our top model and, despite its spectacular appearance, is also ideal for beginners. Buy the New York boomerang here as a model with small optical defects and therefore very attractively priced.

Boomerang do-it-yourself set

The complete boomerang experience.

With our self-assembly set, we explain step by step how you can build your own wooden boomerang. Thanks to our detailed throwing instructions, throwing is child's play.

gift vouchers

Buy a boomerang without having to commit to the model. The special gift for men, women and children.

Gift vouchers that are sure to be well received. In various amounts from 20 euros.

Buy a left-handed boomerang

Boomerangs for left-handers and right-handers have different cuts. They are ultimately mirrored. Regardless of the cut, they have the same perfect flight characteristics. With Munich we also had the first left-handed boomerang on offer. We are now happy to offer each of our models as a left-handed boomerang .

Just click on your favorite model and choose the cut you want.

  • JF Bumerang - Bumerang werfen im Sonnenuntergang

    To throw

    Throwing a boomerang is easier than you think. With our detailed instructions, you will be able to do it safely and so will your boomerang children. Here you can find out everything about throwing.

    How to throw a boomerang 
  • Boomerang kaufen beim Profi - Unsere Boomerang Modelle alle zusammen

    Details about the models

    Here is a detailed overview of our boomerang models. We sell boomerangs for beginners and children, but also for slightly advanced throwers.

    Our models at a glance 
  • Boomerang Manufaktur - Boomerang Design von JF Bumerang

    To the factory

    The father-son factory in Munich is the heart of our small family business. Here we work on a new finish, manufacture the boomerangs and think about innovations for our boomerang shop.

    This is how boomerangs are made 
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    To ask?

    We enjoy exchanging ideas with our customers. Do you have any questions about our handmade boomerangs, the online shop or are you looking for a special gift? Please contact us.

    Contact us here