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JF Bumerang

JF BUMERANG - MUNICH - small optical defects

JF BUMERANG - MUNICH - small optical defects

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It is a fully functional boomerang, the small optical flaws has. These can be, for example: the logo has run, the woodcut is a bit unclean and there is a small tear in the wood. In any case, it does not affect the ability to fly in any way.


Munich is ours absolute favorite .

It is easy to throw and therefore ideal for beginners or children . It has a beautiful flight shape that will inspire throwers and spectators alike. It doesn't require much power and has a semi-high circular trajectory.

Catching a  boomerang is easier than you think
With our boomerangs and the included detailed instructions everyone can do it with a little practice. Honestly! You are also welcome to watch our YouTube videos. Try it, it's an incredible feeling when you catch your first boomerang!

The special gift
A boomerang from the father-son factory is perfect as a gift for anyone who loves to be outdoors and provides lasting excitement. It is an original gift that not everyone has yet.

Sustainable production
All of our boomerangs are handcrafted and come out of our small  father-son factory in MunichSustainability is our top priority.

Technical specifications

  • Flight distance: 15-18 meters
  • Minimum age: 8 years
  • Wingspan: 28cm
  • Wood: Finnish birch wood, 4mm, 8 layers
  • Form: Heinz-Willi Dammers (thanks!)

Our materials

Our boomerangs are made from high-quality Finnish birch wood . As usual with the best boomerangs, it is glued from 8 (Munich, London, New York) or 10 (Sydney) layers. Our wood supplier has the FSC and PEFC seal for sustainable wood production . Our packaging is plastic-free .

The right cut

Boomerangs are specially made for right-handers and left-handers. So make sure you choose the right cut.

Everyone is unique

Each of our boomerangs is hand made with love. Because of this and because wood is a natural material, which can always be slightly different, the boomerangs will differ slightly in size, color and weight.

Safety instructions

Not suitable for children under 10 years. Use only under the direct supervision of adults. In order for you to have fun throwing the boomerang, the following rules must be observed: Only throw in open areas without obstacles (neither fixed nor living). In addition, the throwing place should be level - your joints and boomerangs will thank you. Make sure that there are no people in the direction you are throwing and in the direction the boomerang is returning. Always (ie ALWAYS) keep an eye on the boomerang (and any bystanders) from the moment it is released until it is caught (or crashed). In a group, those who are not throwing should always stand at a safe distance behind the thrower and watch the thrown boomerang. Always throw one at a time and in sequence. The next one should not throw until his predecessor has finished his throw/catch. NEVER catch in front of your face but next to your body. If in doubt, let it fly by. If you are not sure about catching it, let the boomerang fly through or fall. Only throw when weather conditions permit. Strong winds in particular are dangerous, as a boomerang may lose its path considerably and crash uncontrollably. Have fun! Sports equipment from JF Bumerang - Not a toy within the meaning of the "Spielzeugrichtlinie".

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